Chlorine Dioxide gel

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Name: CLEANS Chlorine Dioxide Space Sterilizer

Active Ingredient: Chlorine dioxide Content: 150g

Production Date: see packaging

License number: Lu Wei Xiao Zi (2020) No. 0616

Shelf life: six months Duration: two months after activation

Batch No.:

Storage method: keep tightly closed, store in a dark place away from light


Product name : CLEANS Chlorine Dioxide Space Sterilizer

Main active ingredients and content :Chlorine dioxide (6g) dosage form gel

product manual

KLS chlorine dioxide space sterilizer is a good bactericide and deodorant. When it comes in contact with microorganisms

It can oxidize microorganisms directly and quickly, thereby killing bacteria or inhibiting bacterial growth.


Efficient and powerful

Tested by a professional testing agency, sterilization rate of the air purification gel reached 99.9% which is fast and durable

Fast effects and Long life cycle.

Widely applicable and sterilized

In addition to killing general bacteria, it has a good killing effect on spores, viruses, fungi, etc., and it is not easy to get resistance.

Safe and wide ranging

There are no triple effects (carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic), and the safety is ranked A1 by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Content 158 ​​g (including 150 g of gel, 8 g of bagged activator)


  1. Open the sealed bottle cap;
  2. Pour all the bagged activator into the bottle;
  3. Replace the outer cap with air holes and stand still

15 minutes;

  1. Confirm that the content has solidified into a gel and place it in a high place in the room. Release rate of active ingredients can be adjusted by adjusting the size of the air holes on the bottle cap.

Applicable scene

Under normal circumstances, each bottle of 150g of air purification gel can purify about 15-25 square meters of space, which applies to office and home residential, car, hospital wards, classroom and other places. It can also be used for mask disinfection.


Please do not tilt or invert after use; do not place it in the air inlet and outlet of the window, avoid direct sunlight;

Do not sniff near the mouth of the bottle; do not have direct contact with clothing and fabrics;

Prevent children from eating by mistake. Please consult doctor in time if eat by mistake.

Executive standard Q / 0211 YJY 001-2020

License No. Lu Wei Xiao Zi (2020) No. 0616

Manufacturer: Qingdao Huicheng Xinde New Material Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Address No. 5 Xiaoshan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao




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